Playing tourist in Seattle (and online)

Yesterday we took a day trip to Seattle to have lunch with a family member and take in the sights and sounds of the big city. CFL worked here several years ago, but I (LKS) don’t know Seattle very well. Most of my previous visits downtown have been by car. I haven’t seen much of Seattle at street level.

We parked the car at the Bainbridge ferry dock, walked onto the ferry, and walked through downtown, looking into a few of the interesting stores along the way. I was casually looking for a pub table — the old-fashioned rustic kind with a solid wood round top and a sturdy base, the sort of table you can safely spill a few drops of beer on. I didn’t find it, but the hunt was fun.

When we found ourselves with a few minutes to spare before lunch, we strolled through the Olympic Sculpture Park. Yes, I’d seen this before — from a car! I was not prepared for the experience of walking through Richard Serra’s immense five-piece metal sculpture, “Wake.”

My iPhone photo does not begin to do it justice. Two of the pieces are hidden in this shot. That’s a rather huge building behind it.


After a lengthy and enjoyable lunch, we did a bit more walking and exploring. Of course, we couldn’t leave Seattle without sampling at least one microbrew. Our brewpub du jour was Pike, which is located right at the Pike Place market. En route to the pub we dodged a few flying fish (if you’ve been here you know what I mean) and also took in the Gum Wall — another landmark (albeit slightly icky) that you can’t experience by car.

The Pike ales were good but (in our opinion) not world-class. Our favorite was the pale ale, which was their first beer when they started in 1989. The brewpub was large, a little touristy but then what would you expect given its location? We had no complaints, and from there it was a short walk back to the ferry. We dodged the first raindrops of the day and called it a successful excursion to the big city.

In researching the Richard Serra sculpture online today, I chanced upon this 360-degree image of it. And that happy discovery led me to .

WOW! What a great way to lose yourself for an hour or three online! Think of a famous place, an amazing building, or a beautiful view, and someone has probably done a 360-pano of it and posted it on this site. Have fun looking — and please tell me about your favorites in your comments!

2 responses to “Playing tourist in Seattle (and online)

  1. What a nice day! I’ve never been to Seattle, but we talk about it! One of these times…
    I don’t know whether I should thank you or not for I just checked it out and I particularly liked the ocean views! I think your day in the city sounds lovely. Have another great week. 🙂

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