Daring to do more: Our activity goals for 2013

The other day I wrote on my running blog that I’d barely met my 2012 running goal of 600 miles, and that I planned a modest increase to 650 miles in 2013 (my intention was to increase the running miles while still making room for more hiking this year). Well, the other morning CFL and I got to talking, and wouldn’t you know it, we ended up challenging one another to some rather ambitious activity goals for the year.

I’m not sure which numbers he finally settled on, but here are my goals:

  • Run 730 miles (an average of 14 miles per week, 61 miles per month)
  • Hike, walk, and bike an additional 470 miles (an average of 9.1 miles per week, 39 miles per month)
  • All of which totals up to 1,200 miles (an average of 3.3 miles per day, 23.1 miles per week, 100 miles per month)

The last I heard, he was talking about 1,000 miles total plus 100,000 vertical feet. This time of year he climbs 1,000 vertical feet of stairs (111 flights) every 2-3 days, and in the warmer months he likes to ride his bike up to Hurricane Ridge, a 5,000+ foot climb in 17 miles. So as daunting as it sounds to me, 100K vertical feet is actually realistic for him.

We started out the new year with a nice easy 1.5 mile hike to Marymere Falls and back. As usual we stopped to take photos of a bridge. This one is over Barnes Creek, just below the falls.

Here we are at the falls. Yes, it was COLD.

Yesterday I walked downtown and back, which is about 2.5 miles. I was, therefore, a bit off my planned 3.3 miles-per-day pace when I went out to run today. After an overnight low of 29 and a heavy frost, I wasn’t all that eager to get out there and run. I finally made it to my favorite trailhead around 2:00 PM, when it had warmed up to a positively balmy 37. At least the sun was shining! I was wearing brand new trail running shoes. I don’t normally use trail running shoes on pavement, but it feels like a prudent choice for this time of year.

Sure enough, today I ran through both mud and ice, and I was very glad for the extra traction that those knobby trail shoes gave me!

I ran just over 6 miles, giving me 10 total for the year so far and putting me right on track for my goals.

Meanwhile CFL put his bike on his car rack today, drove to meet a friend, and rode 21 miles with him. Arggghhh! He’s ahead of me! The race is on.

I’ll try not to bore you with too-frequent status updates, but I will try to post periodic updates on how we’re doing with our activity goals.

One mutual goal that we’ve discussed at some length and agreed upon as a “must do” this year is the hike across Olympic National Park — 44 miles of steep trails and stream fords from the Quinault River to the Elwha River. With training we think it’s realistic to do this in three days. As I have never done an overnight backpack trip before, there will be quite a bit of training needed on my part.

Of course we also have this time-consuming but very enjoyable goal of brewing 25 batches of beer in 2013. I think it’s going to be a busy year. But I’m not going to stress out about it.

In fact, right now I think I’ll relax and have a homebrew. Cheers!

4 responses to “Daring to do more: Our activity goals for 2013

  1. I would be happy wit h myself making 7-9 miles weekly at this point, whether walking or hiking. As for brewing, I’ll settle for tasting other folks’. Tonight was a flight of 8 followed by the red at Nexus Brewery in Albuquerque. Walking today consisted mostly of the aisles of quilt and antique stores, but the 33 degree temps are cold by LV standards.

  2. You actually do inspire me, Lori. I think it’s brilliant to write down goals! I will start with minimal goals, I think, but I could be more intentional with my walking goals. I’m so dedicated to my yoga schedule, but that’s because I’ve made a commitment. I am so impressed with your goals, and the two of you have to be in such good shape to keep your goals. But 111 flights of stairs? I really cannot fathom it! 🙂 I love the photo of the two of you. It’s a very happy shot for the new year!

    • Debra, I can’t fathom 111 flights of stairs either! I’m completely awestruck every time he does it. To top things off, he usually throws in a few push-ups every ten flights or so as well. It is a sight to behold!
      Having such specific quantifiable goals is probably an artifact of my corporate years, but I do find them helpful. Today we walked 4.6 miles, and I feel good knowing we’re both ahead of our planned pace and that our activity streak is still intact at four days.
      I love yoga too, but I stopped doing it because of some neck problems. I’d like to resume doing a few of the spine and core twists this year, however. I still dream of flat abs, don’t we all…
      I don’t think it matters if the goals are minimal or modest. The important thing, it seems, is to stay at it. One foot in front of the other!

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