“We’ll brew!”

At some time during the getting-to-know-you-better phase of our relationship, CFL pointed out to me that I have a habit of saying “we’ll see.” I hadn’t really noticed this small verbal tic, but it made perfectly logical sense to me that I would say it. I do have a sense of reality as an emergent phenomenon… and of my life as a process of continual becoming. Given that everything is always up in the air and in process, then so much is unknowable at any given time that “we’ll see” is as close as I’m going to get to predicting the future.

At the time, of course, I replied that he had a knack for filling every potential gap in our conversational space with a long, drawn-out “so, anyway…” that kept me from ever getting a word in edgewise.

That generated a most lively conversation.

Since then we’ve negotiated a few things and learned to love one another’s unique characteristics. We’ve now reached the point where we can affectionately mock one another’s habitual speech patterns and laugh together about them.

Last weekend we took a road trip down to southern Oregon to visit some family members. There were long hours in the car during which we talked about many things. Beer was a major topic. We’d planned several opportunities to visit microbreweries and sample some well-known Oregon beers. We also had upcoming batches of home brew to plan. At some point I inevitably said, “we’ll see.” Suddenly we both laughed and simultaneously exclaimed, “we’ll brew!”

Has a brewery slogan been born? We’ll see… um… we’ll brew!

As for the beer tourism… a night’s stop in Eugene allowed us to take in Ninkasi, Falling Sky, and Rogue’s Tracktown Brewery.

Ninkasi’s fermentation tanks were impressive. This photo includes a studious-looking CFL, carefully positioned in my attempt to provide scale. However, he’s standing in a large doorway so you can’t see the tops of the tanks. Oh well…

Ninkasi is well-known and features big, bold, hoppy beers with names like Total Domination IPA. We shared a flight of several 4-ounce tasters and that was plenty.

In contrast, Falling Sky is only a year old, grew out of the home brew supply store next door, caters to locals, and features relatively low-alcohol “session” beers that nicely accompany its tasty, simple pub food. We might have stayed there all evening, but the Rogue/Tracktown brewery promised good pizza so we carried on. The pizza lived up to the hype and the beer was good too. We ended the evening quite satisfied.

During our time in my family’s small town in southern Oregon I got out for a nice run along the Rogue River. Eventually this trail will connect with the one a few miles further south where I ran the Rogue Run half marathon last September. On this trip I did an easy 6 mile run and then spent the afternoon with my family, while CFL took at bit more time and ended up walking about 8 miles.

It was a good trail.

This part was even better! There was a half mile side trail that ran right along the river bank, for those who like to bound over roots and mud puddles. That would be me!

That afternoon we held a family tasting of eight of our home brews (numbers 2 through 9). The verdict: They’re all good! (Thanks guys.) We ended the day with a visit to the nearby Wild River Brewing and Pizza for — you guessed it — microbrews and pizza!

Through all of our travels and other adventures we have kept our activity streak going. We walked — in a downpour — to all those breweries in Eugene. We stopped to do two laps around a shopping mall in the midst of our 550 mile drive home. We’re now 29 days into 2013 and I’m approaching 120 running/walking miles, while CFL has a larger number of walking/biking miles. At this point our streak will not be broken for anything short of an unimaginably dire emergency. The longer we continue, the stronger is the imperative not to stop.

But you know what? It’s still one step at a time, one day at a time. This streak wasn’t envisioned as such beforehand. It’s an emergent phenomenon.

What will happen next? We’ll see.

We’ll brew!

4 responses to ““We’ll brew!”

  1. Too funny about the little verbal tics. Everyone has them, and they crack me up. I tend to say, “We’ll see,” whenever I don’t want to really commit to something. Haha.

    For some reason, this post was a bit hard for me to read. Maybe it’s my work computer screen, but the font colour seems too light. Just thought I’d mention it in case it’s not a my-computer-screen issue.

    • Lici,
      I think there are times when my “we’ll see” might actually mean “don’t push me to decide too soon.” I do tend to put off making decisions… and to wait to see what other possibilities may emerge along the way.
      As for the font being too light, I have wondered about that myself. Now that you have actually commented on it, this will be the opportunity I’ve needed to fix it! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. What a great adventure, Lori. Even the getting to know one another’s verbal tics…I love that term, and understand it well! When you mentioned the “session” beers I thought of the restaurant where I took the one-day tamale making class. It was 10 in the morning, but they served their home brew with the class. At first we kind of laughed, but it was a very low alcohol, almost citrusy beer, they brew there, and it was very different. I liked it, particularly paired with the tamales. We should go back and see what else they may brew.

    Your travel sounds so balanced, paired with family time and not veering from hiking/running routines. I think your slowhappyliving is simply wonderful, and very inspirational! 🙂

    • Debra,
      I’d say that tamales would benefit from a light crisp beer at any time of day! Sounds like the people who put on the class got it right. I too would be curious to see what other beers they have. Was it actually “home” brew or commercial micro (or nano) beer? If it was a restaurant, they should have a commercial license to sell it… at least in my state!
      We really did have a fun trip, and I guess “well balanced” describes it well. Given that slowhappyliving is our priority, it seems to be getting easier to fit in all kinds of fun activities and fun down times as well. I’m rather liking this sort of life. 🙂

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