Signs of spring… at last!

Winter here in the Pacific Northwest can feel like it will last forever. Although I’ve done well this year in staving off the seasonal blues by staying active whatever the weather, the long gray slog continued throughout March and most of April.

Then all of a sudden — BOOM! — spring started bursting out all over the place!

Trees that were bare suddenly turned day-glow green. The big-leaf maples produced their odd green flowers, followed quickly by miniature-but-rapidly-growing big leaves.

A deer walked right through my back yard!

Wildflowers began to bloom. Here’s a trillium just getting started, rising out of a carpet of moss.

We discovered a new (to us) trail. The trailhead is less than a mile from my house — we can walk to the trailhead! The trail follows a stream, meandering into the National Park and through low-elevation second-growth forest. Scenes like this beckon to us… wouldn’t you love to duck under the fallen log and up those steps that disappear around the corner? We’ll walk this trail frequently this summer, I think. It sure beats doing a lap of the neighborhood streets!

If we needed any more proof that summer is on its way, we got it the other day when a small (100-passenger) cruise ship pulled into City Pier for a two-day stay. This boutique cruise line has committed to doing a total of 13 Puget Sound cruises with port calls in our town in May, September, and October. The tourist season is upon us!

Today is May 1, and the sun will set at 8:27 PM. In another day or two I’ll notice the morning and afternoon sun coming through my north-facing windows. By the time we reach the solstice, sunset will be well after 9:00 PM and the last of the light will fade to the northwest at 10:00 PM.

This weekend the forecast calls — finally — for high temperatures over 70. Woohoo! Break out the shorts and tank tops, summer is actually coming!

5 responses to “Signs of spring… at last!

  1. Beautiful photos … spring has definitely sprung. Love the deer in your yard and the steps by the fallen tree. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Patty… I took those photos just a couple weeks ago and things are MUCH greener and more lush today. Once spring gets going around here, it really gets going. I need to pull up a “volunteer” thimbleberry that I found the other day, before it takes over my front courtyard!

  2. I hope you’re still enjoying some beautiful spring weather. I missed this post in my reader, but since I was just really missing YOU, I went searching! LOL! I hope you’re doing well. Has May been a busy month? I hope the running is just continuing to increase your well-being every day. The weather must be opening up all sorts of new challenges. The good ones! šŸ™‚ Debra

    • Hi Debra,
      Nice to “talk” to you again! Yes, May has been a busy month so far and I haven’t been thinking much about blogging. I have had an extended house guest, with another person coming today, and it’s been tough to sneak away to write! We’ve enjoyed a long streak of great weather (twelve days without rain is an amazing thing especially this time of year) and I have put in lots of running and hiking miles. In fact, I should be getting out there right now…

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