2015 — off to a great start!

I wrapped up 2014 with a total of 3,167.60 combined running/biking/hiking/walking miles — which was 1,002 miles further than I did in 2013!

Running            670.04
Biking              1,143.97
Hiking               243.80
Walking           1,109.79
TOTAL           3,167.60

By the end of November I’d logged 2,865.55 miles. As December began I started thinking about “1,000 miles further than last year” and wondering whether I could do it. Then we had some very cold, icy days and I wasn’t enthusiastic about going out just to ring up the mileage.

Fortunately my treadmill and my bike trainer made it possible to do 10+ miles a day without having to set foot outside the door.

I dreamed up this routine that I called “30/30.” I start with 3.1 miles on the treadmill (which I can do in just about 30 minutes). I catch my breath for a few moments, then I jump on the bike trainer for 30 minutes (during which I’ll usually ride the equivalent of about 7.5 miles). 30/30 = 60 minutes = 10+ miles. Then I’m  off to the shower and I’ve earned the right to sit and read for the rest of the afternoon.

We had some nice weather between Christmas and New Year’s and I was able to get in some bike rides in the real world. Between the bike rides and iterations of 30/30, I covered 86 miles in the last week of the year and met that seemingly impossible goal.

Given that in 2015 I’ll be training for a full marathon and also planning to do a lot more bike riding, I’m thinking it should not be too difficult to do a total of 3,600 miles in 2015. 300 miles a month sounds doable, right?

CFL just bought himself a new road bike. We started 2015 off right with a 23-miler on New Year’s Day!

The Dungeness River was still flowing high from all the recent rains. Lots of big trees were down.

Today we think we’ll ride the other direction, out to the Elwha, to check on the condition of that river!

What about you? What are your big plans for 2015?

2 responses to “2015 — off to a great start!

  1. Happy New Year, Lori. I’m so impressed with your 30/30 plan! You are so diligent in training and I can see your anticipation for that full marathon! That is really an exciting goal, and I have no doubt in the world that you’ll be ready. I like the way you keep track of your numbers and I think I’d like to get a pedometer or an app that keeps track of my walking. It would be an encouragement to just keep moving! My big plans are for 2015 are wrapped up in my son’s upcoming wedding. We will be in Kauai to witness the ceremony later this month, with a larger family and friend reception in March. I think that’s going to dominate our “world” for the first quarter of 2015. I am looking forward to some great hiking on the island, in a wonderfully warm climate!

    • Hi Debra! It may be that I have an overly obsessive attachment to my Garmin watch and my spreadsheets, but the numbers are a HUGE motivator to stay active and keep trying to do more.
      How exciting that you have these big family events to look forward to in the near future! Somehow I’ve never been to Hawaii. Kurt was stationed there before being sent on to Vietnam. He always said he’d enjoyed living in Hawaii, but he never wanted to go back. If I ever get there, for sure I’ll do some hiking. I’ve read about the hiking opportunities there and it sounds simply wonderful. I’ll look forward to reading your blog posts from your trip!

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