“Slow Happy Living” is a way of being and doing. It’s about slowing down and taking time to enjoy life. It’s about finding happiness through physical activity, good health, good food, and good times with friends. Life is short — much too short! We don’t intend to waste another minute of it doing work we don’t love, or worse yet, falling asleep in front of the TV.

We at Slow Happy Living believe that life is a grand adventure, and that happiness arises throughout the course of a whole life well lived.

“We” are two people who lived for years just a few blocks apart in our small town. Our paths never crossed until one day… we found each other. LKS was recently widowed; CFL was newly divorced. Both of us were determined to look forward, go on with life, and make the most of every remaining moment.

We run. We hike. We bike. We brew. We design. We travel. We write about all those things and more. We are slow and we are happy.

Please join us!

9 responses to “About

  1. Hi Lori

    I really love your blog! My blog was just nominated for the Liebster Blog Award and so I get to nominate some other blogs I really like. I think this is a really cool way to pass on the blog love to other young blogs.

    You can check out the nomination here if you would like to participate http://havetimenowwhat.com/2012/11/06/i-am-gobsmacked/


    • Yvonne,

      Thanks for reading my blog and honoring me with your Liebster Award nomination. I have generally avoided passing along these blogging awards for my other blog, but you are testing my resolve this time around. Let me think about this one a bit…

      By the way, you do deserve the award for your blog. Even though I don’t share your dietary preferences, your restaurant reviews are highly entertaining!


  2. Pingback: Weekend in review: Meeting a blogging friend and taking care of Darwin, a very cold tortoise. | breathelighter

  3. Pingback: Weekend in review: Meeting a blogging friend and taking care of Darwin, a very cold tortoise. | breathelighter

  4. Hi Lori,
    I found your blog through searching for the Porsche 901. I found an article written by your late husband, I was going to try to contact your husband to tell him my Father was the “gentleman in Newport Beach” that bought the car from Sam and eventually donated it to the Petersen Museum. In my search to contact him I found his obituary. I am sorry to hear that. My Father passed in 2004. Too bad they never met, they would have had a lot to talk about, as my Father was an avid Porsche collector as well. Just thought I would get in touch.

    • Angela,
      I am stunned! Thank you so much for tracking me down. Yes, Kurt would have loved a chance to visit with your father. Finding and restoring that car was a highlight of our lives together. I really think it was the one thing he was most proud of in his life.
      I admire your father for giving it a proper home where many people can enjoy it. If you have any stories you can share about your father and the 901, I would LOVE to hear them.
      Thanks again,

  5. Hi Lori, Debra over at three wellbeings /breathe lighter recommended your blog. I’m looking forward to poking around a bit. 🙂

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