We call our home brewing operation Slow Happy Brewing. Are you surprised?

We started brewing in September 2012. In July 2013 we bought our mash tun and we’re now all-grain brewers. LKS creates the recipes, keeps track of our brewing schedule, and does most of the kettle-monitoring on brew day. CFL focuses on sanitation, the equipment nuts-and-bolts, and the heavy lifting on brew day.

For the first taste of our brewing adventure, please see this post on LKS’s blog. All of our subsequent beers are probably mentioned somewhere on this blog, but here’s a list:


Call 911
American Amber Ale

Angeles Porter
Robust Porter

Up the Elwha
Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)

Grand Festivus XII
Old Ale

Heather Park  
Strong Scotch Ale

Borderline Porter  
Robust Porter

Beyond the Pale  
American IPA

Up the Elwha 2  
Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)

Shred the Gnar    
A very Robust Porter

Ridge Rider  
American IPA

Up the Elwha 3
ESB. This is becoming our “session beer.”

The Ides of Festivus XIII              
Our  second seasonal, a hoppy interpretation of an English Barleywine. Spring is coming to the Pacific Northwest, indeed!

Mile Marker 13
Our third American IPA. Paler and hoppier — we got it right this time!

CDA = Cascadian Dark Ale. 6.2% ABV,  6.2 ounces of Cascade hops, boiled for 62 minutes — our hoppy ode to runners everywhere!

Upstart and Spatial
Scottish Export 80/ — LKS’s tribute to her favorite beer from her student days in Edinburgh: Younger’s Tartan Special

Shred the Gnar 2
We amped up the ABV a bit and now we call it an imperial porter.

Up the Elwha 4
We made some small tweaks to the recipe, as we may enter this one in a competition.

Festivus in July XIII
Our summer seasonal is an imperial IPA.

Up the Elwha 5
More tweaks!

Chucky LaGer
A very light, sessionable American Pale Ale brewed with Saaz hops — a pseudo-lager, if you will.

Midsummer Night
Our first all-grain brew is an American Stout.

Chucky LaGer all-grain
We enjoyed the original Chucky so much that this was the first recipe that we translated from extract to all-grain.

OktoberFestivus XIII
The latest of our seasonal beers, OktoberFestivus is an Octoberfest-style recipe fermented with an ale yeast.

The Ruckus in the Rye
A rye IPA.

10K (all-grain)
Remake of our original 10K (a black IPA) as an all-grain recipe.

Grand Festivus XIII
Old Ale — our winter seasonal.

I Can See Canada
Well, of course it’s a Russian Imperial Stout. And yes, I can see Canada from my house.

Mile Marker 13 (all grain)
We reformulated this American IPA, which we first brewed in February 2013, as an all-grain beer.

SMASH Test 1
As an experiment to learn more about the effects of recipe variations, I created a simple single-malt-and-single-hop pale ale recipe. We brewed a 5-gallon batch and divided it six ways — using two different yeasts and three different dry-hop schedules.

Chucky 3
CFL likes his “Chucky,” and we get good feedback from others about it, so we keep brewing it.

Piny the Lonesome
Our imperial IPA is a salute to Russian River Pliny the Elder. We’re not worthy, but we try.

The Ruckus in the Rye (2)
Our rye IPA, refined.

Tiny the Terrorist
Second in our “salute to Russian River Pliny the Elder” series, “Tiny” is a session IPA.

It’s big. It’s black. It’s serenely self-confident. Self-Efficacy double black IPA: Because we can. Because we know we can.

Simcoe Simon
A single-hop Simcoe IPA.

Upstart and Spatial
I finally got around to brewing my wee Scottish Export 80 as an all-grain beer.

Pithy the Clever
A Pliny the Elder clone done by slightly tweaking Vinnie Cilurzo’s recipe appearing in Zymurgy magazine.

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