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NODM half marathon 2014 race report

CFL and I had a great day yesterday!

Slow Happy Runner

As I stood at the starting line for the North Olympic Discovery half marathon yesterday, I truly had no idea how the race would go for me. My doctor had only cleared me to run nine days earlier, after seven weeks of recovery from my broken arm. I’d run/walked four times in the week prior to the race, with a “long” run of 7 miles and total mileage of just under 19 miles. I was slow and my legs felt a little shaky, but I was running again — and I was determined to run as much as possible on race day!

Back when I was still thinking I’d have to walk the whole race, one of my running friends (who hasn’t run much over the past few months) decided that she’d walk it with me. A few days before the race I asked her if she was up to run/walking with me. I told her…

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Living and blogging the Slow Happy Living way

We (CFL and LKS) have been dreaming about starting a blog called Slow Happy Living for a while now. Between us we have a whole lot of ideas that we’d like to share with all of you. But, because we are SLOW and happy, it can take a while for us to launch new things. Sometimes we’d both rather just dream about them, keep perfecting those dreams until they are designs for the most amazing things we can possibly imagine. Sometimes we get stuck in the design phase. That can happen when two designers get together.

But life doesn’t always leave time for the launching of perfect dreams. So we’re going to start now, imperfectly, and see what might develop.

Right now, between the two of us, we’re:

  • brewing beer
  • teaching home school classes
  • finishing up training for two half marathons to be run in the next three weeks
  • hiking as much as we can before autumn sets in
  • doing a little home remodeling (new windows? maybe a skylight?)
  • making sauerkraut
  • writing, writing, writing!

You know, the usual stuff that two busy people do in the too little available time we have for the fun things in life.

Trying to juggle all of this and still be slow and happy can be a challenge sometimes, but sometimes the challenges are funny in themselves.

We hope you’ll join us on our adventures, and we hope you’re slow and happy too!

Welcome to Slow Happy Living!

Welcome to Slow Happy Living! This is a collaborative blog about the many ways we enjoy the slow and happy life. Inspired by our previous experience with other blogs, we’ve decided to consolidate all of our blogging activities into this one site. The primary blog page will contain posts about our latest activities, and additional pages will provide overview information and links to various related sites of interest.

Just as we don’t know what the future may bring, we’re not yet sure what this site may become. But we can promise this: Whatever we do, we will do it slowly and happily.

Won’t you come along and join us on our slow happy adventures?